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is amongst India's fastest growing Dermatology companies with a keen focus on Trichology. Backed by a strong national distribution network and extensive manufacturing and commercial skills, we strive to provide integrated healthcare solutions at affordable costs.
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Apple Therapeutics is pleased to announce the launch of its revolutionary scar management product line. The first product Vitaderm C-Scar therapy is an advanced innovation in C-Scar prevention & management and is based on Silicon, Allium Cepa, Niacinamide, Oligopeptides & Ascorbyl Phosphate. Vitaderm C-Scar is indicated for scar healing & wound healing including hypertrophic & colloidal scars, movement restricting & cosmetically disfiguring scars that occur after surgery, amputation, burns and trauma, C-Section scars, atrophic scars & acne scars.